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Ranar Raya Group is a professional transportation company that bring product delivery services to all our customer.

As part of management focus to achieve service excellence, we deploy online system, GPS technology and other related system to enhance our service delivery.

We see our customer as a partner for long-term success, and we provide only the best services for our customer.

From our head office at Gn. Putri, Bogor, we control our branches and by providing a centralized system for data communication.

We make sure that our management commitment is understand and deployed by all our staff at every office.

We also provide a customer login, so that our customer can perform online tracking (via internet) of our fleet.

This online tracking is provided by our partner as required by our client.

  To establish a transportation company of choice which is reliable according to world class standards
  To take an active role on development and improving infrastructure through transportation service
  To gain trust from customer through professionalism
  Striving for service excellence
1993   To establish a transportation company of choice which is reliable according to world class standards
1994   As a number of clients has risen up, the company purchased another 44 trucks to be added
2000   4 more trucks were purchased, after the condition of the company has got better since the economic crisis hit on 1997
2002   During the year of 2002 the company brought the situation back on its track, so that more trucks needed and another 56 trucks were purchased
2003   Total number of 122 units from various types and sizes owned by company to serve various number of customers
2005   In the year of 2005, the company’s total vehicle was 179 units, That including heavy dump trucks, light trucks, concrete mixer, wing box and tank trucks
2008   Total number of units to be come 246 unit, 307 drivers and 120 persons ready to serve the clients

For the amenity of operational activity, Tulu Atas group use Global Positioning System (GPS)

To support fleet management system including: Fleet tracking, Fleet scheduling, Maintenance program, Online customer contact.

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Our management is fully realize and support the important for implement the Information System (IT) in fleet industry.

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We understand that detail issue, such as: tyre and accu, is important for trucking business.

We make sure everything is under control and better manage.

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With the support of our entire transportation services, we are able to provide ontime and accurate product delivery services as required by our client

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